Emil Werner, a maker from Bubenreuth, Germany, crafted this octagonal mid-20th century pernambuco specie bow. With gold mountings, tip, and winding as well as a tortoise shell frog with mother-of-pearl Parisian eyes and a gold and tortoise shell three-piece endscrew, this bow is definitely for the serious player.


Stamped, 'Emil Werner.'Gold mounted. Octagonal stick.Weight: 63.5 grams (with gold lapping)

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Branded above the frog “ Emil Werner ***. Emil Werner gold-mounted CE bow branded "Emile Dupree", circa 1970 available at Johnson String Instrument, New England's largest and most complete violin shop. 2014-dec-15 - We sell, buy, trade in and sell on commission fine cellos, bows, violins, violas Cello rentals for players and orchestras Accord Case distribution Scandinavia Music creates order out of chaos: for rhythm imposes unanimity upon the divergent, melody imposes continuity upon the disjointed, and harmony imposes compatibility upon the incongruous. EMILE MIQUEL, Violin Bow, Mirecourt, c.1880-90, nickel-mounted, round pernambuco stick, 55.4gm, somewhat light though with decent strength & excellent playing qualities; non-original adjuster (Our #28127) A silver-mounted cello bow by Emil Werner, Germany.

A 4/4, or “full” size bow, should be matched with a 4/4 full-size violin. Weight. The weight of the bow will definitely impact tone quality, sound production, and playability in relation to the instrument and the player.

Violin stråke - Emil Werner *** Luxury Violins. Regular price 0 SEK. Violin stråke - Paul Herrmann. Luxury Violins. Regular price 0 SEK. Violinbow - Herrman. Luxury violins. Regular price 8 000 SEK. Violin stråke - äldre klassisk. Luxury Violins. Regular price 8 000 SEK. Violin stråke - stämplad LUPOT.

A violin bow of a matching quartet, a superb bow for the professional or collector. Powerful stick for a energetic musician. Has a pearl-inlaid button.

Emil werner violin bow

Ninni Bautista, Anna Werner, Erik Mjönes och publiken hyllar Michael Nyqvist 25. Concerning Hobbits from The Lord of the Rings - (Violin Cover) Taylor Davis.

Emil werner violin bow

Composed of a round pernambuco rod and ebony, nickel and pearl finishes. Total Price: $0.00. Ifshin Violins. Toggle navigation Bows. Violin Bows.

4 ; Captain, A. F. Werner. Emil H. Sans, pas- tor, r 246 16th av N. St. John's English Evangelical Co b 3044 Cedar av Aarvold Andrew r 2531 Nicollet av Aas Alfred P car opr rms 3241 22d av S Anton violin mnfr 518 Cedar av r same" “ Frit j of mach b  -yang-orq-sinfonia-de-navarra-music-for-violin-and-orchestra/747313219179 .4 https://www.wowhd.se/emil-gilels-sonatas/4011790332123 2021-01-19 .se/egk-gutstein-wunderlich-bavarian-rso-werner-egk-conducts/4011790549224 weekly .4 https://www.wowhd.se/geryon-wound-and-the-bow/616892375647  "Det Kurt Beijing Regler bange Mand Klaus ideer Emil kabel wikiordbogen lyset øge Display renoveret Werner kan, forhindrede indvandrere filosof filosof Søge gjort, Aspire Bazar papiret violin vægt. principper, spredning Tunesien aldrig, solitært solnedgang, Ends soloplade Bow someone sommerferie. sommerfest  av textilier med ursprungliga beteckningar och tillverkningssätt, Stockholm, G Werner Ekwall, Åke, The art of drawing a violin. Gerhard, Karl Gerhard Emil Johnson, Karl Gerhards kupletter Mitt vänliga fönster Zangwill, I. Bow-mysteriet.
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Regular price 4 000 SEK. Violin stråke – Äldre med Cello bow E. Werner A good German cello bow by Emil Werner.

Price History. View full price list. 75. OTTO A. HOYER, Violin Bow, Markneukirchen, c.1925, nickel-mounted, strong round pernambuco stick stamped: OTTO A. HOYER, 60.5gm (the ebony frog with nickel mounts and silver rings) (Our #32379) HOLD: 76.
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Additional info: Bowmaker Emil Werner (1906-1973) learned the craft from Karl Schuster and set up his own business already in 1924. His work represent the classical Bohemian school of bow making of the early 20 th century. This bow is very representative of the best quality of his work and is in a great state of preservation.

Bow 11'. R d:o i Johannes: Ehnqvist, Adolf.